Dragonfly Diaries 1: Reflections

I have considered myself an anarchist for my entire adult life. It’s a word and concept often misunderstood and definitely full of suspicion. “Like, how the fuck is that supposed to work?” is the response I get from people. So I stopped being vocal about my beliefs because they were too radical for even my liberal friends to stomach.

Anarchism to me is the deep belief that the government is there to protect the interests of the wealthy and powerful. It does not mean violence and disorder. It means cooperation and equality among ALL people. Everyone having access to adequate housing, medicine, education, food, clean air and water, etc. All this sounds obvious, like it’s a basic human right… Right? No. Actually this is a very radical concept in our current system of economics and politics, which are set up to protect the interests of the already wealthy and powerful and continue to dispossess the masses.

Many do not think this is true. But if you look at the facts it is. It is true. Let’s look at history: slavery, genocide of indigenous populations, ecological destruction, Standing Rock, wars, dwindling of the middle class, capitalist medical industry, lack of civil rights, etc. This list can go on and on.

And now here we are in 2016. It’s been the worst year in modern history for police killed POC, the president elect holds a long list of evils attached to his name and behavior, and the militarized police force is currently taking action against the greatest peaceful gathering of indigenous people in modern history. Here we are! I’ve said the entire election season that if the white man (I don’t want to say his name) gets elected that it could be the catalyst for finally ushering in the revolution. And we can all feel the revolution stirring. It’s fucking scary because we don’t know what will happen. But things will happen. Most likely it’ll be things that are very painful. People will die in so many ways. But that is when the Phoenix rises from the ashes. It is the fire that purifies, that changes, that becomes reborn. We will be different. Changed. And change needs to happen.

I am not excited about the suffering that is likely to come, but I am feeling the cultural apathy lifting. Blinders are coming off. This is our time to stand together…to reject being sheeple. This is not the time to go along with the story we are fed. We have been fed lies. Your government does not care about you. Think about that. Your government does not care about you. This is news to a lot of white people. POC and anarchists have known it all along.

I’m glad all this is coming to the surface. I’m glad people are starting to understand that the system is rigged, broken, filthy, and rotten. And I’m glad that my personal views are no longer seen as too radical to discuss. We must discuss. I cannot be quiet any more.

Written by Dragonfly


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